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Fulton County Living
Our Mission
Generations was developed
after the death of Mrs.
Deborah Town. A wonderful
lady that is missed daily. It is
only appropriate that
Generations be made in
memory of her.
Thank you for choosing Fulton
County Living! Our mission is
to provide you with the best
and most accurate information
on the history of
Fulton County, New York. At
times you may click on a
certain interest that will have
no information yet, only
spaces where information will
be added over the course of
the year 2014 and beyond.
You will also find that some
historical information have
numerous accounts. This is to
provide you with the most
up-to-date sources we can
find. Our "Generations"
section will provide family
histories that will include
cemetery, birth, death and
any other information
gathered under
a Surname.